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Pre-K-2nd Math and Sciences 

Welcome to the Home Learning Toolkit Math and Science resources for your young learner! Our resources are designed to provide a fun and engaging learning experience for young learners.  Let's get started on this exciting learning journey together!

Math Resources 


Math Playground 

Dive into the fun-filled world of Math Playground, where math comes alive with a colorful mix of problem-solving adventures, mathematical art, real-life math mysteries, and brain-tickling thinking games!


Math Game Time

Math Game Time offers engaging math games for pre-K to 7th graders, focusing on key concepts with games like Integer War and Jet Ski Addition, tailored to their grade and Common Core Standards for quick engagement.

Discover new subjects and reinforce essential concepts – the possibilities are limitless at! Sign up at no cost today to access over 36,000 worksheets, games, lesson plans, and more


Spark a passion for lifelong learning and exploration in young learners with Khan Academy's engaging and complimentary educational program, tailored for children aged two to eight.

Children of all ages and abilities will love the math games, lessons, quizzes, hands-on tools, and puzzles on this engaging website, designed to both educate and entertain. 

Math activities and entertaining games for children, educators, and parents, covering lessons from kindergarten through sixth grade, along with quizzes, brain teasers, and additional content.
SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program loved by over 40 million kids for engaging Math and ELA practice.

Sciences Resources 

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PhET delivers interactive, research-backed simulations in science and math for free, offering a fun learning experience. Each simulation undergoes thorough testing and evaluation to guarantee its educational value.

Science Bubbies

Searching for the perfect science fair idea, a quick STEM task, or a classroom-ready science lesson? We've got it all! Our scientists bring you easy-to-follow videos for immersive STEM experiences.
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Featured experiments from Steve Spangler's nationally syndicated show called DIY Sci, which airs on FOX and CW networks.
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Fun Science Tools

Learn science & teach science with simulations, cutting edge websites, cool visuals, engaging citizen science, great YouTube teachers and more! Aligned to the NGSS.
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Science Max

Ever conducted a science experiment and thought, "How amazing would this be if it were supersized?" Enter Science Max, the thrilling new show that takes your at-home experiments and amplifies them to the max!
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Join Nanogirl in her lab as y'all figure out how to build our superpowers using STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)!

Science Videos 


Fun Fact! Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

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