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"Hey Parents!

Welcome to the Parent Corner! Here, you'll find resources and tools to enhance your child's learning at home. Whether you need help with daily activities, creative learning methods, or challenging subjects, we're here to support you. Our goal is to make home learning rewarding and foster curiosity, growth, and discovery. Let's enrich your child's education together.

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Activities Hours

Log Activities Hours Here :

The Home Learning Toolkit team is immensely grateful for your participation. We gently remind you to log your activity hours daily, ensuring that your valuable contributions to core activities are accurately recognized. When doing so, please kindly use your first and last name.

Parent Resources 

Mom's Hug

Parents Corner 

As you navigate the rewarding path of supporting your child's home learning, this section of our Home Learning Toolkit is crafted with you in mind. Alongside a wide array of educational resources, you'll find exclusive tools and insights specifically for parents. These parent-only resources are an integral part of the Toolkit, designed to empower and equip you with effective strategies for teaching and engaging your child at home. Explore these tailored materials to enhance your role in your child's educational journey, making the most of the Home Learning Toolkit to foster a rich and rewarding learning experience.

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