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6th-8th Grade Art Resources 

Step into the art zone of our Home Learning Toolkit, perfect for all you 3rd to 8th graders out there! This is where your creativity gets to run wild with every color and shape at your fingertips. Think of this toolkit as more than just your art box; it's a magic portal where your imagination leads the way, helping you paint your thoughts and feelings. Get ready to transform learning into an art-filled adventure that not only broadens your horizons but also gives your confidence a big, colorful boost. With art at home, you're not just drawing; you're embarking on a journey of growth and endless fun!

Art Resources 

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Draw a Stickman: turns kids' doodles into interactive game elements, where their quick sketches help a stick figure hero tackle various challenges. It's a blend of creativity and gameplay where every drawing is key.

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Coloe by Numbers: Explore painting by numbers directly in your web browser with our online coloring books. Each image comes in three levels: easy, difficult, and without numbers for a freehand experience.

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Arts and Culture: Embark on an art odyssey! Discover 40,000+ high-res treasures from 40+ countries, from timeless masterpieces to contemporary sculptures. Dive into 'gigapixel' details, tour iconic landmarks, and curate your virtual gallery. Art redefined!

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Kids Craft: This channel is all about kids crafts. Enjoy this fun this origami youtube channel with your little one.

Jackson Pollock: Dive into the world of abstract art with Jackson Pollock at the helm! This zippy website transforms your cursor into a magical paintbrush, letting you whisk across the screen to unleash a burst of Pollock’s iconic, vibrant splashes. It's a whirlwind of color at your fingertips!


Art For Kids Hub: is a family YouTube channel that turns simple supplies into endless creative journeys for all ages. Grab your art tools and dive into this colorful adventure!


The National Gallery of Art: provides free educational resources and programs for all ages. Designed by educators, this range includes activities, lesson plans, films, and more, tailored for everyone from preschoolers to high school students, supporting teachers, parents, and caregivers in exploring art with kids.


Step into Toy Theaters: A creative playground! Build, doodle, design, and animate, channeling the spirit of Matisse and Japanese woodblock art. Don't forget, a quick screenshot keeps your masterpieces forever!

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