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9th-12th Grade Art Resources 

Dive into the creative realm with our Home Learning Toolkit, tailored for the artistic minds of 9th to 12th graders! Here, your creativity knows no bounds, with a vast palette of colors and shapes waiting to bring your visions to life. Think of this toolkit not just as a collection of art resources, but as a gateway to expressing your deepest thoughts and emotions. It's your chance to turn learning into a journey of artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries of your imagination and bolstering your confidence with every stroke. Embrace art from the comfort of your home and embark on an odyssey of personal growth and boundless creativity!

Art Resources 

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Mandala Gaba:  is all about creating stunning, symmetrical mandalas with an interactive board that mirrors your strokes, producing captivating designs effortlessly.

Draw a Stickman: turns kids' doodles into interactive game elements, where their quick sketches help a stick figure hero tackle various challenges. It's a blend of creativity and gameplay where every drawing is key.


The National Gallery of Art: provides free educational resources and programs for all ages. Designed by educators, this range includes activities, lesson plans, films, and more, tailored for everyone from preschoolers to high school students, supporting teachers, parents, and caregivers in exploring art with kids.

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Arts and Culture: Embark on an art odyssey! Discover 40,000+ high-res treasures from 40+ countries, from timeless masterpieces to contemporary sculptures. Dive into 'gigapixel' details, tour iconic landmarks, and curate your virtual gallery. Art redefined!


Aminah's World:  is a creative hub by the Columbus Museum of Art. Kids can dive into digital collages, mixing kente cloth, fabric scraps, and more on a virtual canvas. Move, resize, and then print your unique creations!


Make Beliefs Comix: Dive into the world of Make Beliefs Comix, where kids and teens craft comic strips using cool backgrounds, characters, and speech bubbles. It's a fun way to stretch their creativity and tell unique stories!


Tate Kids: Enjoy free games and quizzes, discover art projects, get homework help, and share your creations with Tate Kids - the ultimate art destination for young artists!


Sculpt GL: offers a virtual sculpting experience, allowing users to shape a digital clay ball using diverse techniques. Despite its advanced controls, helpful tutorials make it easy to master, letting you create masterpieces quickly.

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